Householder Group provides financial and tax planning as well as investment counseling services. We work closely with the business owner such as the business advisors, accountants, and pension administrators, to help them achieve their financial objectives.

How confident are you in your existing plan? Would you like to find out if there is any room for improvement? Call Householder Group today and solidify your plans for tomorrow.

Our clients include companies of all sizes:

  • Small businesses

  • Corporations

  • Charitable foundations and trusts

  • Other commercial and nonprofit business institutions

What can Householder Group do for your Business?

Corporate Tax Planning

  • Planning for increasing after-tax profits

  • Help you to maximize dollars drawn from the business

  • Help you to minimize taxes through structuring of the business

  • Review proper manner of holding title to property

  • Prepare post-death planning and tax strategy

Retirement Plans and Employee Benefits
(Including Insurance)

  • Provide comparisons of data to help identify appropriate investment strategies

  • Design executive and key employee compensation programs

  • Assist with identifying the fees and other costs borne by the Plan as specified by the Plan sponsor

  • Assist in review of Plan investments

  • Conduct personal financial seminars for employees

Estate Planning

  • Help you to minimize estate taxes through proper holding of assets

  • Develop buy-sell planning for the owners

  • Succession planning of business ownership

Other Services

  • Implement insurance and investments with securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Householder Group does not represent proprietary products or participate in the underwriting of public offerings.

  • Coordinate wills, trusts, buy-sell agreements, and other estate planning documents provided through knowledgeable and experienced estate planning attorneys. Householder Group does not render legal advice.